Trevor Stott-Briggs aka TSB

Trevor Stott-Briggs aka TSB

TSB was one of the first guys I met in Dubai when I started playing for the Arabian Potbellies, we used to train together – along with his son Elliot … ESB. Trev’s a great guy and it isn’t often I say that about a ref (though I never played in a game he reffed … ;-), just one of those laid back people that you can’t help but like and still playing at 60+ – he was something of a phenomenon to me from the off.

I got an email from the Bellies telling me that Trev had been caught in a collapsed scrum at Sharjah and that he was in a bad way. The word spread and the Potbellies moved into action – just as they always do when a member of their brethren get’s caught in a jam, – whatever it may be.

Trev has improved almost continually since the potbellies rallied round and moved him up to a hospital in Abu Dhabi, but he still has a long way to go. We all as players look at these things and quietly think to ourselves “there but for the grace of god ….” and it is that thought that has driven so many to send donations and to arrange fund raising events. I have included a flyer for just such one of these events in Abu Dhabi. There are others. I hope to use this page to add official news from Arthur, Steve and Franco regarding Trev’s progress – so please just use the ‘comments’ facility below to add any questions or post any news of events etc and also use the social media buttons to ‘spread the word’.

Trev is a great man, a great father and husband too and I have a lot of respect for him as do countless others all over UAE, Asia and beyond and I’d just like to wish him and his family all the best for a speedy recovery.

Trevor’s spirits are high and he has a very positive attitude. Trevor is happy to receive visitors. He is currently in Room 104 (1st Floor), Telemetry Ward, Al Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

Anyone wishing to send cards etc. should send them to;

Trevor Stott-Briggs
PO Box 72162,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

and Trevor’s office who will ensure that they are delivered to him.

Trevor has also requested that if anyone wishes to email him he can be contacted on tsb@fatboy10s.com .

The fundraiser is in support of Trevor Stott Briggs on April 15! Touch rugby, pony rides, bouncy castles, loads of games, face painting, a Souk shopping area, snow cones, candy floss, popcorn, great music and more from 3pm onwards. Following the rugby and games, there will be a delicious curry buffet upstairs with a DJ, dancing, raffle and auction.

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  • Jez (PB Dior) on April 11, 2011

    Well done Max, great to see the lads pulling together to help TSB out. Terrible to see a front row buddy knocked like this, looking forward to seeing him bounce back.

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