Tag Rugby Trust Ghana 2014 – Corporate Sponsored Tour

Tag Rugby Trust Ghana 2014 – Corporate Sponsored Tour

I honestly cannot remember how I first met Chops (Martin Hansford) and the TRT ‘Movement’ but after I toured with them in India, in 2009 – my life changed. I don’t care if that is a cliche, because it’s true.

It was on that tour, through the hospitality of Paul Walsh that I met the Jungle Crows … it’s when everything started. I still maintain close contact with the Tag Rugby Trust because for me, they epitomise development and change through rugby. Find out more on their website at www.tagrugbytrust.co.uk

Below is a video that I want to circulate as widely as possible for them.  It covers their recent success with securing a corporate sponsor for a TRT tour and 12 month development programme they recently started in Ghana.  NMS International have work commercially in Ghana, but how refreshing to see a corporate truly invest in the community in this way.

There is so much scope to do more of these corporate funded development programmes around the world – just needs more fantastic, people-oriented companies like NMS International to step up to the mark. If you think you know any or if you’d like to go on tour – or just meet some great people for a beer … please contact the Tag Rugby Trust. It will change your life.


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