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Back in 2008, just as I arrived in Dubai – I had a meeting with Jill Conlon. I had spoken to Jill several times about the Dubai Exiles RFC website and I was so determined to get hold of it so it could be all that it should be, all that I knew RuckinRugby could make it – I just didn’t leave Jill alone until I got the deal. Dubai Exiles were formed the year I was born – 1969 – and in that year, they hosted the first ever Dubai 7s on their sand pitches … a little bit of history. Here I was, all of us 40 years older and setting up a website for this legendary club, in time for them to host their very last Dubai 7s. For me, personally it was my FIRST Dubai 7s as I played for the Khobar Quins in the Vets 10s.

Jill left the Exiles to become the official organizer of the NEW Dubai 7s at the new stadium for Emirates, but I stayed on and made contact with the head of the Junior section Brett Wastie, and the seniors head coach, Wayne Marsters. We gave the website a makeover and merged it with Brett’s Junior website and it remains the busiest of all the Gulf Rugby club websites.

Many players and fans will argue for years to come as to whether the move of the Dubai 7s and consequent demolition of the old club was a good one. But I know that I am proud to have played in the last one at the old ground and the first in the new ground, and I am also proud that RuckinRugby supply the website to this legendary club.


The Dubai Exiles RFC have this season switched to the new RuckinRugby WordPress platform, but kept their link to ClubHub and will continue to use it for their internal membership and player registration. They have also secured two fantastic new sponsors in Bremont and the massive AIG, sponsors of the New Zealand All Blacks no less … pretty impressive. Once we get some images of the team playing in their new stash, we will sort a new background montage and maybe even move them to the new responsive theme – they deserve the best.

We wish the Dubai Exiles good luck with the season ahead and look forward to tracking their results on the new website.

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