Damascus Rugby 7s Phase 1

Damascus Rugby 7s Phase 1

The Zenobians Rugby Club in Syria are long friends of RuckinRugby and so I’d like to share this event on behalf of Hani Al Hafez. The Zenobians are having a 7s Tournament … in Syria. That’s right. Don’t Google it, there aren’t two … it’s that Syria.

You see, rugby doesn’t care who, what or where you are because the moment you take to the pitch you’re making a commitment to the values of rugby and everything else is off the table until at least the end of the 3rd half.

Here are some words about the event from Hani. They’re hoping to repeat the tournament every couple of months and who knows what will happen once they get momentum. Whatever happens, it’s a good rugby story from a region that need support and understanding right now and some good, positive publicity. So … enjoy. Share.

From Hani …

In Syria now, Rugby tournaments can still be organized, Damascus Rugby 7s organized by the mighty Zenobians Syrian rugby club.

You might be thousands of kilometres away, and the situation might not allow you to attend if you are nearby, HOWEVER, YOU CAN STILL HELP, share this event to your friends, invite them to hit JOIN, share with your RUGBY CLUBS and other Rugby Clubs you know…..
Help us to spread the word and reach the maximum number of people…

Together to promote RUGBY in Damascus, Syria.

لأصدقائنا الذين لم تسنح لهم الفرصة بمشاهدة منشورنا عن الحدث الذي سينظمه نادي الزنوبيون “”دورة دمشق للركبي السباعي، 2015، المرحلة الأولى””، نشارك معكم هذا الحدث مرة أخرى و نرحب بحضوركم جميعا. كما نرجو منكم أن تقوموا بدعوة أصدقاءكم للإعجاب بهذا المنشور لكي يصل لأكبر عدد ممكن من الأشخاص..
ساعدونا لتطوير رياضة الركبي في سورية.


Friday 22nd May 2015

Al-Fahyaa Training Field Kick off 4pm

Facebook Event link: Facebook Event

Zenobians Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/www.zenobians.net


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