Rugby in Asia

Philippine Rugby to debut in the UAE

I was pinged this by an old mate out of the blue, Trevor Scott-Briggs … AKA TSB. I’d ask you to have a quick read about this guy here – and as an update on this, he tells me he’s written a book about the whole shebang and it’s here in the UK awaiting publication […]


I am confident that this website will continue to grow as the society add more and more content for the public to see and in the ‘secure’ area for their members to use. As the dust settles in the Middle East and the rugby community start to get to grips with ‘Gulf Rugby’, the ARU, the UAERA and all the other bits and bobs that are flying around at the moment, I hope that the UAERRS will remain at the very core of it all. After all, they have a saying down at my club about referees: “You can’t have a game without one!”

Trevor Stott-Briggs aka TSB

TSB was one of the first guys I met in Dubai when I started playing for the Arabian Potbellies, he used to get to training pretty early – like me – along with his son Elliot … ESB. Trev’s a great guy and it isn’t often I say that about a ref (though I never played in a game he reffed …), just one of those laid back people that you can’t help but like and still playing at 60+ – he was something of a phenomenon to me from the off.

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