Dubai Exiles RFC

Back in 2008, just as I arrived in Dubai – I had a meeting with Jill Conlon. I had spoken to Jill several times about the Dubai Exiles RFC website and I was so determined to get hold of it so it could be all that it should be, all that I knew RuckinRugby could make it – I just didn’t leave Jill alone until I got the deal.

UAE Rugby League

Sol Mokdad contacted us to get a website for the newly formed UAE Rugby League set up he was running. I knew Sol from a previous website we had worked together on and I was chuffed that he came back to RuckinRugby for this venture. We had just started using the RuckinRugby 3.2 WordPress theme […]

Jebel Ali Dragons RFC

The Dragons are a fabulous rugby club that get it just right. They are a wonderful social club … but not so social that they’re unfit to play! And they are a professional club, but without the pre tense … they’re just ‘The Dragons’. When I first met them they were the Dubai Dragons and […]

Arabian Potbellies RFC

I spent 18 months in Dubai and whilst I was there, the Arabian Potbellies were my club and they are a truly outstanding group to train, play and party with. RuckinRugby provided their website back in the 2008 season and we have been with them ever since, now preparing for our third season together.

Kuttabul Camelboks

The Kuttabul Camelboks remain the only Australian club on RuckinRugby’s books and what a remarkable club they are. In their first RuckinRugby season they won every single game they played! 100% record in league and cup – and they have started in the same vein this season it would seem with 3 from 3, truly unbeatable.

Tiverton RFC

Tiverton Rugby Club are the oldest Rugby club in Devon – Founded in 1868 and many regulars in the bar still remember that inaugural season …. honestly. I’m only kidding, but they were a hard club to get hooked up to the whole wide eyed web idea, believe me.

Finland Rugby Union

I always hate to hear tales of unhelpful web designers but at the same time, it always provides an opportunity for RuckinRugby to come to the rescue. I chose wordpress for this site build as it was the best way I could find to address the ‘hurdle’ of having to allow content in both Finnish and English – not to mention the functionality to allow news stories to be added in either languuage and automatically sent off by email to interpreters for translation … neat.


I am confident that this website will continue to grow as the society add more and more content for the public to see and in the ‘secure’ area for their members to use. As the dust settles in the Middle East and the rugby community start to get to grips with ‘Gulf Rugby’, the ARU, the UAERA and all the other bits and bobs that are flying around at the moment, I hope that the UAERRS will remain at the very core of it all. After all, they have a saying down at my club about referees: “You can’t have a game without one!”

Hyde Rugby Club

Another fantastic story and another website I am really proud of. I saw an article in the New York post about a remarkable man – Tal Bayer – in a remarkable school, in Washington DC, USA. I am not articulate enough to portray to you just what this group have achieved, I cannot put it into words – so please visit the website and have a look at the media and the TV programmes that have been made about them all.

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