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RuckinRugby was a ‘vision’ of mine, I designed a website for my home club in Devon England – Tiverton RFC – and was horrified to see how many clubs had either an awful website or no site at all. Put off at the idea of designing more sites from scratch I set about building a template that could be used to produce clean, slick and professional looking websites, specifically aimed at Sports clubs to include fixtures, results, selections, galleries, news and more.

I had two main criteria when creating the template, first the site needed to be clean, easy to navigate and fun to use. Second, the website needed to be extremely easy to update and administrate by ANY member of the club, be they PC literate or not! Both of these criteria have been met. The third ‘nice to have’ criteria was my desire to push for continual improvements. An agreement has been made with the development team to continually take feedback from all clubs concerned and work to improve the platform, this has been a rewarding part of the process.


The build has been through several iterations and now, in 2013 has finally been switched to a WordPress platform. WordPress is a solid platform that I have been using exclusively for almost 2 years. Visit my portfolio to see my latest designs.


My name is Max aka The Pig Farmer and I am a Website Designer/Host and Prince2 Practitioner Project Manager based in Devon. I work with an eclectic mix of fellow freelancers, all specialists in their trade and together with you, we can create your brand and take it to market. Since around 2011, all of my websites have been built on WordPress and this has helped streamline my operation.

I have travelled extensively throughout my life and this has always been a source of great inspiration, not to mention great clients. I have designed websites for clients in Bali, UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, Africa, Kuwait, New Zealand and of course here in the UK. I have also made useful contacts with fellow freelancers in these countries too. It’s all about communication.


Alex Pike worked with me as an apprentice for a year to March 2015, and his main focus was on the RuckinRugby Brand. Alex is just 21 and playing in the centre for Barnstaple RFC and Devon Seniors. Alex got very involved and within a couple of weeks of being here we introduced him to the Tag Rugby Trust, KISS girls U13 and TourAid. We also funded a trip for Alex out to India for a month, culminating in the Calcutta 7s on June 21st! See our news section for more on that.


I have been ‘communicating’ for a living my entire adult life. From my brief education as a commercial artist, through ten years in the British Army’s Royal Signals and beyond as a data communications specialist. I have studied communication from the physical science of voice transmission and the psychology behind non-verbal communication, all the way through to the engineering building blocks of the internet and the many applications that use it. I enjoy the idea of being a digital anthropologist and am studying right now for a degree in Divinity with the University of London.

I love design and take full advantage of my lack of formal training which allows me to have my own perspective on things, – nobody has ever told me how to design and I have never had to work under a designer or mentor of any kind, I have always found my own way. As far as web design goes, this has always meant clean, uncluttered intuitive design, with which I am now strongly associated.

You can find out more about my marketing strategy here but I would first like to finish with something crucially important to me, that is evident in many of my reviews and testimonials, and that is: customer service.

Fanatical customer service

Since day one, I have strived to build relationships as I believe these are the cornerstones of good business. Relationships with partners and suppliers and above all, good relationships with the client are what my success has been built on. My client’s website is as important to me as it is to my client, every time. I pride myself on my customer service, attention to detail and going the extra mile in an age when all of these things seem to be less and less prevalent. Your success is my reward.

John Maxwell Ltd

John Maxwell Ltd is a UK based limited company and is VAT registered. The Pig Farmer and RuckinRugby are both brands owned by John Maxwell Ltd.

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